Villa Wedding Venue

If you wish to have a small intimate wedding, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony then a Villa Wedding may be exactly what you are looking for.

Designed for couples who wish to have a simple yet stylish ceremony, a Villa Wedding will provide you with the perfect location to say your vows in serenity and beauty.

Nestled under a veranda decking between the two main villas, a Villa Wedding is best undertaken in the cool, quiet, calm of the morning. A stunning waterfall provides a dramatic backdrop to your ceremony and the sound of the gently falling water will create a sense of tranquil harmony in this location filled with natural beauty. If you want a quiet and graceful union then there can be no better place to join your lives together or renew you vows.

As you walk towards your partner on a bed of fresh rose petals, they will release their sweet fragrance with your footsteps and you will breathe in their perfume as you say your vows. Small floral decorations adorn the venue and the vista across the manicured lawns to the limitless ocean beyond the cliffs at Uluwatu will complete the beautiful background to your ceremony.

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